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St. Bernard Catholic Cemetery











St. Bernard Catholic Cemetery is across Bayou Terre-Aus-Boeufs from the church from its inception in 1787.  This cemetery has continued to serve the Catholic Isleņos in St. Bernard ever since.  It is the oldest, still in use, cemetery in the State of Louisiana.  The Isleņos were brought from the Canary Islands by the Spanish Governor Bernard Galvez to help defend the new Spanish territory.  Such names as Acosta, Perez, Nunez, Silvertia, Estopinal and Rodriquez can be found on the tombs.  These are the same names of the people who populated the nearby towns and villages and many of their families remain in the area today. 

The Isleņos were and are humble, unpretentious people and their approach to burial is highly personalized. Graves are decorated with simple crosses, hand-lettered inscriptions, and shadow-boxes.  Today there are still a few of the old sites as the cemetery continues to grow.  The Isleņos spoke Spanish, but not many could write, so some of the older tombs have inscriptions in French, the stonecutters' language at the time. 

The above five pictures are from the latest brochure produced for the sale of the newest mausoleum at St. Bernard Catholic Cemetery.  Below you will find other pictures from activities held during the year at the cemetery.  This historic cemetery certainly is worth the time to travel to visit.  It may also be worth a nice ride in the country to visit if your family is looking for a quiet and safe burial spot.  If you would like more information on our new mausoleum, please contact Westlawn.




The altar on the night of All Hallows' Eve.